Technical Articles

  • MGTD Engine Modification

    (as appeared in the Spring, 2017 TSR) By Charlie Adams I’m using a plan devised by MG in the 1950s for raising a little more power from the engine I’m building for my TD. The following is an excerpt from the MG tuning manual which I’ve adapted for my rebuild. In addition, I’ve also relied… Read more

  • MGTD Restoration Progress — Part III

    (as appeared in the Winter, 2017 TSR) By Charlie Adams I’ve been putting some time in on my MG TD restoration this fall. The front suspension is mostly dismantled as well as the brake system as of late December 2016. My most recent efforts involve the front end where I’ve found a number of additional… Read more

  • MGTD Engine Assessment & Rebuild

    (as appeared in the Fall, 2015 TSR) By Charlie Adams Last year, I decided to carefully assess the condition of my MGTD’s motor as part of the completion of its restoration. I made this decision despite knowing the engine had been previously rebuilt. Few details were available about the condition of the engine. The previous… Read more

  • A Dozen Steps for Preparing Your MG for Spring

    (as appeared in the Spring, 2015 TSR) By Charlie Adams Read more

  • Time to Sleeve the Master Cylinder

    (as appeared in the Summer, 2014 TSR) By Charlie Adams Before I started dismantling the brakes my 1951 MGTD, I made a new wooden insert for the lifting pad of my floor jack last week. The pad I made is of poplar simply because a piece of poplar was within reach of my hand when… Read more