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Quaker State Responds to Plight of Enthusiasts with a High-Zinc Motor Oil

(as appeared in the Summer, 2012 TSR)

The Newest Addition to Quaker State’s Product Line Designed for Auto Enthusiasts Needing High Levels of Zinc to Deal with Engine Wear Issues.

Toronto, ONT – November 8, 2011 – Today, the makers of Quaker State motor oil announced the production of a new motor oil, Quaker State Defy. Featuring a high level of ZDDP, an anti-wear additive commonly referred to as zinc, Quaker State Defy addresses the needs of some automotive enthusiasts to combat friction and wear inside their engines. The formulation of new Quaker State Defy contains a proprietary zinc-booster that has dual attributes contributing to wear and oxidation control. Quaker State Defy is intended to provide enthusiasts with a quality, brand name oil that will provide both the protection and performance required in high-output, flat-tappet engines.

“We as an industry have seen the levels of zinc in motor oil consistently reduced in each successive gasoline engine specification implemented by ILSAC in the past few years, said Jeff Hsu, Quaker State Technology Specialist. This reduction of zinc is fine for drivers of newer vehicles, but is leaving classic car owners, enthusiasts and those with flat-tappet cams and followers with fewer and fewer options in the motor oil category.”

The proprietary low-volatility ZDDP technology used in Quaker State Defy motor oil significantly reduces the amount of volatile phosphorus, while retaining its anti-wear protective behavior and antioxidant performance. Quaker State Defy has a ZDDP composition of 1200ppm, a more than sufficient amount to stand up to the most aggressive engine profiles.

“We have repeatedly heard enthusiasts and engine builders ask for more zinc or other solutions to their aggressive flat-tappet cam issues, and those requests did not fall on deaf ears, said Chris Hayek, Quaker State Global Brand Manager. “What we have been able to come up with is a zinc additive that is more effective and enables us to do more with the oil itself.” An additional benefit of the new, fully formulated Quaker State Defy motor oil is that it is capable of running a full manufacturer-recommended drain interval during engine break-in and does not need to be drained after five hundred or a thousand miles, like some high-zinc break-in oils.

Quaker State Defy is also intended for use in higher-mileage passenger vehicle engines, and helps control the wear that high-mileage engines typically endure. In fact, the new Quaker State Defy motor oil helps stop engine wear in its tracks – preventing up to 98% of future wear through the use of the proprietary ZDDP additive. Quaker State Defy also is designed to help high-mileage engines perform more efficiently through the use of additional seal swell additive that reconditions dried-up seals and help control external and internal leaks.

The motor oil provides a thicker viscosity and stronger oil film to resist thermal breakdown and reduce oil volatility and burn-off, which help increase compression and reduce blow-by. For more information on this or any other Quaker State product, please visit: